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WorkSmart Q 2.0
Brand New Experience

WorkSmart Q 2.0 Mobile App takes a huge leap forward, bringing incredible speed to everything you do and a whole new experience of user interface — EASY . SIMPLE to manage your HR services.

The best and easy-to-use HRMS Mobile App.

A HRMS that helps you create a FAST . FRIENDLY . FUN Workplace

WorkSmartly is a cloud based Human Resource Management System (HRMS), your key to better Employer Branding, Innovation and Productivity– that is easy to use!

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Watch this video to know how WorkSmartly will empower you 👍

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Human Resources just got a whole lot more fun!

WorkSmartly: The revolutionary HRMS, made for the HR people 🙌

WorkSmartly is a human resource management system that is comprehensive & flexible, with reliability of pitch-perfect 100% uptime, stable and secure, promotes engagement, and constantly improving to meet your expectations and beyond!

Your groundbreaking digital people management era is here. Maybe the perfect unicorn is real after all, it's #WorkSmartly!


What our customers say

"WorkSmartly gives a very good end-to-end service in terms of payroll, leave, claims and they are able to provide us flexibility to customize our request."

"It has taken away my stress for payments, salary, leave management, a great partner in taking care of the human resource role for the company."

“WorkSmartly HRMS and their customer service are Friendly & Fun.”

Choice of over 120,000 employees and counting!

Jaya ONE
Honda Tiong Nam Motor
Terengganu Inc.
Diyou Fibre


& many more!


Inclusive engagement from Interns to Management

The power of putting people first starts here. WorkSmartly is a fully integrated end-to-end HR system with the people first in mind.

The intuitively easy to layout, you can navigate and master within minutes. It's time to inject FUN into your tasks, with a system that fosters team engagement, higher motivation and empower employees by giving them freedom to be productive on mobile! We offer our customers great user experience (UX), and constantly improving with a unanimous goal: to support you to your peak efficiency for the best performance.


FAST and Easy HRMS Onboarding

We don’t have to walk by again, because it is love from the first sight. The seamless enrollment, the most human HRMS in the world – will get you and your team navigating WorkSmartly like a pro within minutes! What’s not to love?



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FUN Support. We’re here for you, anytime!

Dedicate experienced team to support you and your employees anywhere, anytime with any devices.

Customer Service

Friendly automation & integration

Save time by automating your entire workforce life-cycle with the WorkSmartly human resource management system. Eliminate human error and constantly stay updated with every single action by your team and employees. Leave the repetitive administration parts to WorkSmartly, so you can focus on being great!

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