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Simple pricing & transparent.

WorkSmartly adapts to your business size, definitely worth it!

*PEPM = Per Employee Per Month




Every HR needs an intuitive HRMS

Comprehensive employee’s profiling

People directory

Automated & integrated payroll system

Flexible claims system

Leave & offday replacement system

Mobile app available

Automate approval workflow

Announcement feature

Statutory compliance update

Comprehensive reports, bank files, statutory files

ZERO annual licensing and maintenance fees





Perfectly fit for most medium-large organization

All features in Essential plan

Real-time attendance management system, shift scheduling

Performance evaluation, custom evaluation form.

Hybrid work management, remote work, time-off system

Advanced workflow & routing

HR analytics, advanced reports

ZERO annual licensing and maintenance fees




Fully automated HR department for medium-large enterprise

All features in Pro plan

Recruitment and onboarding system

Skill development & learning management system

HR document management system & digital signature

FlexBenefits management, FlexClaims, FlexPlanner

ZERO annual licensing and maintenance fees



Understand your business goals and deliver tailor-made HR system

Payroll outsourcing services

SSO integration

Workday API integration

Microsoft Azure AD integration

Centralized system integration

Specific features customization

ZERO annual licensing and maintenance fees

Terms & Conditions Apply.

What's more?


Get ticketing system, phone, email, WhatsApp support for all plans at no additional cost. Provide comprehensive Ah Q video system guide for all your employees.


Dedicated support & implementation team to help you get onboarded to WorkSmartly with first-class expertise.


Schedule a monthly training program with our HRMS system trainer. Free training with 100% funding. Provide online or on-site system training.


A vibrant HR community that offers opportunities for learning, networking, and professional development in the digital era of people management.


Your system will be protected by Amazon world-class security engineers. System will perform real-time backups.


Need clarification?

  • What is WorkSmartly HRMS and what does it do?
    WorkSmartly HRMS is a cloud-based human resource management system that helps businesses automate and streamline their HR processes. It offers features such as employee self-service, payroll management, time and attendance tracking, recruitment and onboarding, performance management, and more.
  • Is WorkSmartly HRMS easy to use?
    Yes, WorkSmartly HRMS is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. It has a simple interface and requires minimal training to use.
  • Is WorkSmartly HRMS secure?
    Yes, WorkSmartly HRMS is built with robust security measures to ensure that all HR data is secure and protected. It uses SSL encryption to transmit data over the internet, and data is stored in secure servers with multi-factor authentication.
  • Can WorkSmartly HRMS be customized to fit the unique needs of my business?
    Yes, WorkSmartly HRMS is highly customizable and can be tailored to fit the specific needs of your business. It offers a range of configuration options, including custom fields, workflows, and reports.
  • What kind of support does WorkSmartly HRMS offer?
    WorkSmartly HRMS offers group customer support via ticketing system, phone, email, and WhatsApp. It also provides comprehensive guide videos to help users get the most out of the system.
  • Does WorkSmartly HRMS come with a mobile app?
    Yes, WorkSmartly HRMS comes with a mobile app called "WorkSmart Q" that is available for Android, iOS, and Huawei devices. The mobile app allows employees to access their HR information, such as their personal details, attendance records, leave balances, and payslips. Managers can also use the app to approve leave requests, view reports, and perform other HR tasks while on the go. The mobile app offers a convenient and flexible way for employees and managers to access their HR data anytime and anywhere.
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