The Most Practical & Easy To Use Attendance Management System

WorkSmartly is a digital HR solution that replaces your paper-based manual system. It comes with a mobile app for a more efficient clock-in and out in attendance tracking system, anytime anywhere.


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Seamless shift scheduling, simplified

Optimise scheduling for your people and the business. Have full control over shifts, assigning locations and individual’s availability at the click of a button. Be ensured your team will never be lost in communication as new updates are alerted in the palm of their hand through the app, instantly. Scheduling is now simple for your business and your team.

It also empowers your people with the given flexibility for your staff to manage their attendance, off days, holidays and seasons in advance.

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Clock In Clock Out

Clock in. Clock out. Easy way for a better workplace

Easy clock in and out. Employees will enjoy accessibility, comfort and have greater flexibility when clocking in with the WorkSmartly Q-Series Digital HR system. Your team is able to access and mark attendance from their mobile device.


What do you get from using an app for clocking in and out?

Real Time Tracking

Real-Time Tracking

Your team can clock-in and out anywhere, anytime using their mobile. Get notified on your mobile device when you should clock in or out.

History Report

Unlimited Tracking History

Easily track your employees’ time anytime, anywhere. Enjoy unlimited time-tracking and shift scheduling history.

GEO Tagging

GPS Location & Geo Fencing

Integrated GPS information allows you to know if they are exactly where they are instructed to be. Additionally, employees are allowed to do check-in only at the office or specific assigned location.

Flexible Settings

Secure & Compliance

Commence your company policy work schedules, attendance cycles, QR codes, face recognition and geofencing capabilities to cater to your business needs - with an easy click of a button.

WorkSmart Q Mobile App

Now you can do your HR services everywhere, anytime with any devices. WorkSmartly Mobile App is available on Apple App Store, Google Play Store & Huawei App Gallery. Check out "WorkSmart Q" App.

Available Mobile app
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Learn How Mobile HR Helps to Mobilise Workforce

Take control of your workforce, connect all aspects of it, and gain instant access to key insights for you to make decisions to mobilise your workforce.

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We have a plan for every need - for medium to large organisations. Managing multiple locations or outlets and store attendance can be confusing. Let's discuss how we can help you çurb this issue once and for all!


What our customer had to say

“We have tried three different software systems for scheduling and back office operations. WorkSmartly is by far the most reliable and user friendly software we have ever used.”

“We are extremely happy with the product and support from WorkSmartly. The features work better than expected and have allowed us to do things that were not possible before. However, the real value is in their customer support. They are always available and quick to respond, making WorkSmartly a win-win for our business.“

“The app is streamlined, simple and has all the features you need to manage any organization. The best thing is that it is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. It offers real time reports. It's a great tool for medium-large business owners, offices, retail industry, logistic industry and government employees.”

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