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HR Documents in Cloud

Skip the paper trail and it's time to let the fax machine retire. Get your admin tasks taken care of by WorkSmartly!

Digital Document System
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Create HR documents as easy as 1-2-3!

Have fields pre-filled with existing data within the WorkSmartly HR system.

Compose Letter

Sign Document Anywhere - Anytime

Sign documents and get legally-binding signatures from your company, and employees in seconds.

Sign Document App

Automate HR Document Workflows

Have the freedom to design your unique automated workflows. Map out or update your HR document workflows easily with a drag and drop editor.

Automate Workflow

What our customer had to say

“While there are many HR software providers, WorkSmartly is the only one that is truly paperless and has a easy to use mobile app for employee clock-in/out. This system will allow you to eliminate your entire paper-based process and save thousands in hard costs every year.”

“We are using WorkSmartly Digital Document Module, and we hired intern to scan all the hard copy of employee profile and employment document history into the their HR system, it is so easy and simple to use. So, now we easily can access to employee HR document, and employee also easily get their document from the system. It reduce a lot of manual work, especially when employees come to you ask about their offer letter, confirmation letter, increment letter and so on.“

“We have a book for all the HR letter or document, now we compose the template into WorkSmartly Digital Document, now it is so convenient for us to generate the letter for every new joiner or when it requires. Just as simple as select the HR template, then choose the employee that you would like to generate for. 1-2-3 then completed. Anyone in HR can easily handle it”


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