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Streamline your HR Documents Management with WorkSmartly

Skip the paper trail and it's time to let the fax machine retire. Get your admin tasks taken care of by WorkSmartly!

Our cloud-based HRMS is here to put your HR management on easy mode. Your policy will always be automatically updated with the latest compliant and generate HR documents within seconds.

Digital Document System
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Create HR documents as easy as 1-2-3!

Have any HR documents you need ready. Library of templates for you to pick from, for your quick and easy reference.

With the bonus feature of auto-populate fields. Have fields pre-filled with existing data within the WorkSmartly HR system. You do not have to shuffle between papers for employment info and more, because HR Digital Documents fetches the information for you!

Compose Letter
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eSign HR Document is fast, efficient, connected and secure

If you want it, you get it. We honour your requirements and transform it to an experience that is simple for you to adapt like its a walk in the park.


Automate HR document workflows

Your enhanced performance efficiency starts here. Have the freedom to design your unique automated workflows. Have contracts such as policy process, data entry, approvals, auditing and electronic signatures and voluminous tasks process faster.

Map out or update your HR document workflows easily with a drag and drop editor.

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Why you should opt for WorkSmartly Digital Document & eSignature


Sign from anywhere

Never break a sweat. Easily send and sign HR documents on-the-go with our WorkSmart Q Mobile App.

Data Management

Keep the details you need

Add standard fields to your HR document, like signatures and dates, or create and save custom fields. Apply these fields in reusable templates to standardise your documents, how you want it to be.


Flexible routing workflows

Zero coding experience needed. Empower your HR to map out your workflows – with any mixed sequence to best suit your company processes. The only limit is your creativity.

Secure & Compliant

Secure & Compliant

No task is too big or too small. Our platform will meet any of your security, privacy and data residency requirements, for your peace of mind.

WorkSmart Q Mobile App

Now you can do your HR services everywhere, anytime with any devices. WorkSmartly Mobile App is available on Apple App Store, Google Play Store & Huawei App Gallery. Check out "WorkSmart Q" App.

Available Mobile app

Check it out for yourself!

We have a plan for every need. From medium to large organisations. If managing multiple companies' HR documents is strenuous work for you. Let's discuss how to improve it.


Learn more about 400+ practical HR documents and tips

In this Workbinar, we will look at how best to manage HR-related problems, that are common occurrence in the daily operations of any organisation.

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What our customer had to say

“While there are many HR software providers, WorkSmartly is the only one that is truly paperless and has a easy to use mobile app for employee clock-in/out. This system will allow you to eliminate your entire paper-based process and save thousands in hard costs every year.”

“We are using WorkSmartly Digital Document Module, and we hired intern to scan all the hard copy of employee profile and employment document history into the their HR system, it is so easy and simple to use. So, now we easily can access to employee HR document, and employee also easily get their document from the system. It reduce a lot of manual work, especially when employees come to you ask about their offer letter, confirmation letter, increment letter and so on.“

“We have a book for all the HR letter or document, now we compose the template into WorkSmartly Digital Document, now it is so convenient for us to generate the letter for every new joiner or when it requires. Just as simple as select the HR template, then choose the employee that you would like to generate for. 1-2-3 then completed. Anyone in HR can easily handle it”

Choice of over 120,000 employees and counting!

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& many more!


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