The World First HRMS With Story

Smart Story is a creative, fun space for your employees to share moments of their day in pictures and GIFs and it disappears after 24 hours. You can locate Smart Stories at the top of your screen when you are on the WorkSmart Q app.

Why Smart Story

Bridging Experience in a
Post Pandemic Workplace

Remote workplace norms have changed many things tremendously and one of them is everyday interaction. By sharing moments of the day with Smart Story will encapsulate normal social interaction; keeping the same synergy in their physical workplace.

Better Teamwork with Fun Workplace

Made for both remote and back to office folks, the interactive Smart Story feature strengthens the connection between employees. From replying to the story banter, the employees get to know each at the workplace. The space for budding chemistry will go a long way to everyone’s productivity!

Encourage Peer Learning

Smart Story is an effective space for employees to share and acquire bite-sized information. The one who shares or managers will have a chance to indirectly educate and to feel appreciated through the replies. Readers get quick info by logging into the WorkSmart Q app.

Watch How Smart Story Works


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