Platform & Product Extensions

Expand WorkSmartly Q-Series to meet your specific needs & fit your company processes.

Technology that evolves
with your business

No two companies are alike. With WorkSmartly Q-Series, our portfolio of extensibility products, you can tailor the system to meet your business needs and adapt as those needs change.

Cloud HR System Integrates Everything

Our proven cloud integrations provide extensive tools. You can bring your apps together and have your data flow seamlessly.

All-in-ONE Platform, Unlimited Potential

Easily develop, deploy, and manage with WorkSmartly Q-Series to extend the value of WorkSmartly. WorkSmartly delivers the same friendly interface and security model to every capability you build.

Broaden your world

Build new apps using the same services that power our applications and easily integrate with third-party systems.

Contact our Digital HR Consultant

Learn about WorkSmartly Q-Series to support your business operations. Our experts will advise you on the best solutions to manage your workflows and processes, even remotely.