HR Services Management

HR service delivery that delivers.

A people-friendly way to help your employees.

Why ask your employees to use yet another system to get their questions answered? With WorkSmartly Q-Series, you can provide HR services to support their needs, wherever they work.

Manage and respond
from one unified place

Make it easier to track, prioritize, and respond to employees with one unified HR workspace.

Easy, personal, and secure
case management

Find exactly what you’re searching for in a matter of seconds with a powerful search function. Narrow down your search by tags, name, time or file type, as well as other characteristics to drastically reduce your asset request time.

Keep it confidential.

Security levels can be selected for groups or individuals. Only those involved with the case have access to the confidential information.

Contact our Digital HR Consultant

Learn about WorkSmartly Q-Series to support your business operations. Our experts will advise you on the best solutions to manage your workflows and processes, even remotely.