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Our cloud-based system is comprehensive and in line with the organization’s practices for recruiting, managing, developing, and optimizing employees to maximize your business goals and value. A solution that is highly scalable and customizable. Here is how you can move forward with us!

Digital Hiring

Digitalize your hiring process Our integrated recruitment management suite automates the processes such as successive candidate information processing & report generation.

Digital Document

It’s time to go Green A convenient way to interactively create and electronically circulate documents. This also includes integrated documents, e-signature, and reports, digital records of filling, and efficient HR document automation such as Pay Record, Statutory Document, Letters, Notices, Digital Signature all secured in electronic forms within the library.

Enterprise Payroll

Simplify your payroll processes Just let our system do the work for you. Minimize your monthly data updating work and by simplifying the hectic payroll processes. Our system is built to save your time and to minimize human errors in calculation.

Employee Self Service

Ease your employee’s mind Give your employee the access to view and edit their personal or tax information, view/download HR documents, and tax forms, they can even check their balance leave and apply for leave, manage their claims with simple steps.

HR Analytics

It’s all about data Get a powerful analytics and reporting tool that converts real-time data into charts for strategic decision making leading to better business outcomes. A fast way to generate data in multiple formats such as; line charts, pie charts, tables, and bar charts.

HR Services

Access lies in your hand Control access to information, set system access authority, employee on-boarding / off-boarding process management, e-leave / e-claims application management, and download, easily view or configure information for all your employees.

Performance Appraisal

Drive your employee success Now you can easily perform a review, evaluate and compare your employee’s performance, from their skills, achievements, and growth based on user-defined key performance indicator (KPI) criteria with real-time data.

Report Generation

No more hassle, get a summarised report Now you can easily generate report summaries of payroll, allowance, Flexi benefit, deduction, leave process, turnover, Flexi benefit process, statutory forms, employee master profile, training, qualification, disciplinary, career path, year-to-date (YTD) payroll report, payslip generation, and distribution.

Succession Planning

A way forward for your employees Grow your employee for their next key role with our job analysis recording through a user-defined competencies profile by identifying necessary competencies for better succession planning.

Skills Development

Dive into your employee development Our system learning content management features analyse learning initiatives, design, and develop learning content strategies to empower employees in desired areas of growth by ensuring continuous improvement and development.
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