FREE WORKSHOP : Industrial Relation (IR)

Workshop on the relevancy and implications of well managed Industrial Relations (IR) matters.

Practical guide by experts in maintaining a harmonious industrial relations position in your company.

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Workshop : Industrial Relations (IR)



25 Nov 2022,
Friday 3:00PM


HR practitioners / representatives & HR advisors


WorkSmartly HR Community



Participants will be divided into groups with members from various industries and backgrounds to exchange information and knowledge that needs to comply with various legislations in handling IR matters:

👉  Learn the traits of a skilled HR representative when dealing with employees’ disputes.

👉  Be proactive by developing your own preventive and corrective measures in handling employment and disciplinary matters.

👉  Be an efficient HR business partner trusted by Management and co-workers with proven results in maintaining a harmonious relationship workplace.

👉  Direct and lead the company towards IR best practises in accordance to Employment Act and Labour Law with the intention to eliminate employees’ disputes.


Avoid non-compliance

To harmonise employee-employer relationship and eliminate workplace conflicts

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Updated and 1st hand IR knowledge

Get direct solution and feedback from IR experts

Group 4024-2

Best practise in IR

Exchange knowledge and skill of handling IR issues

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Be Pro-active in disputes

Comprehensive guide on the required process, documentation and policy when handling disputes

Many more!

Know more about your presenters

Mr. Louis Liaw

Mr. Louis Liaw

Dispute Resolution Lawyer
Messrs Chong + Kheng Hoe

A focus on Employment and Industrial Relations Law, in particular complex Employment Law Litigation and Criminal Defence for Employment-Law related offences.

He is very experienced in advising and/or representing both employers and employees, local and international on Employment Law practises. He is also experienced in handling General litigation matters.He has been invited to deliver talks, trainings and seminar by various companies from diverse backgrounds.

Prof. Dr. Balakrishnan

Prof. Dr. Balakrishnan

Professor of HR and IR
University Malaysia Kelantan

Prof. Dr. Bala is currently working as a Professor of Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations at the Faculty of Entrepreneurship and Business, University Malaysia Kelantan ,Kota Bahru, Kelantan, Malaysia.
He has conducted various research and consultancy projects with the International Labor Organisation , World Bank, Japan Foundation, Ministry of HR and many others.
His goal is to provide an excellent education to his students and the country which he loves.

Mr. Lokman

Mr. Lokman

Freelance Consulting Partner
Adamas Integrated Venture PLT

Mr. Lokman who is also a certified HRD Corp trainer, has more than 20 years of experience in handling various spectrums in human resource management functions i.e human resource planning, recruitment, training & development, compensation & benefits as well as employee relations and union relations.
He has handled various IR cases at the industrial relations/labour department as well as at the industrial court. In addition, he was involved in a few manpower restructuring exercises due to restructuring of business operations as well as closure of business


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