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Improve Your Employee Retention

Co-Organized by Alliance Bank, WorkSmartly & WorkMart

Session 1

12 Jul 2023, Wednesday
(In English)

Event ended.

Session 2

16 Aug 2023, Wednesday
(In Mandarin / 华语)

Event ended.

Session 3

13 Sep 2023, Wednesday
(In English)

Event ended.


H Space, Level 18, KPMG Tower, Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya



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Who should join? HR Professionals, Founders, Business Owners & Business Leaders

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Event Timeline & Topics

Event Ended.
Improve Your Employee Retention

Improve Your Employee Retention for SMEs: Leveraging FlexBenefits

Hall 7 @ Trinue Centre

[English Session]

By learning from MNCs' successful talent retention strategies and utilizing FlexBenefits, SMEs can effectively attract and retain top talent, leading to improved employee satisfaction, increased productivity, and sustained business growth.


Speaker Mr. Ng Eng Boon, Ms. Usha Devi, Mr. Victor Phang
Event Ended.
Improve Your Employee Retention_Session 02_MANDARIN-1

中小企业的创意薪酬策略 (SME) : 在有限预算下吸引和留住顶级人才

Chek's Coffee House, AVANTÉ Hotel

[华语 Mandarin Session]

在不断变化的商业环境中,中小企业(SMEs) 面临着吸引和留住顶级人才的持续挑战。

  • 如何充分利用税收免除福利可以提升雇主的财务状况,并使您能够提供具有竞争力的薪酬方案。
  • 提供适用于中小企业(SMEs)的相关税收激励和免税福利的概述,展示如何最大化这些机会来吸引和留住顶级人才,同时有效地管理您的预算。


Speaker Mr. Beh Chin Boon, Mr. Lam Kwai Soon, Mr. Victor Phang
Event Ended.
Affordable Technology_Email Invitation

Affordable Technology for Talent Acquisition and Retention

H Space, Level 18, KPMG Tower

[English Session]

In the dynamic landscape of HR, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) face unique challenges when it comes to talent acquisition and retention. The advent of HR technologies has revolutionized how SMEs approach these crucial aspects of their workforce management. This introduction provides:

  • Overview of HR technologies available for talent acquisition and retention in SMEs.
  • Utilizing employee engagement platforms to enhance employee satisfaction.
  • Evaluating HR technology options and considerations for SMEs.


Speaker Mr. Beh Chin Boon, Ms. Usha Devi, Mr. Victor Phang

Why you should join?

⭐  Successful Talent Retention Strategies of MNCs

Gain insights into the proven strategies employed by multinational corporations (MNCs) to retain top talent. Learn about their innovative approaches, such as flexible working arrangements, comprehensive benefit packages, and career development opportunities.


⭐  Adapting MNC Methods within an SME Budget using FlexBenefits

Discover how small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can leverage FlexBenefits, a cost-effective solution, to implement retention strategies similar to those used by MNCs. Explore specific examples of benefits that can be tailored to suit SME budgets, including health insurance options, wellness programs, and professional development opportunities.


⭐  Real-Life Case Studies: SMEs Thriving with FlexBenefits

Hear inspiring stories of SMEs that have successfully implemented FlexBenefits to attract and retain top talent. Dive into specific examples and learn about the measurable impact it had on their recruitment, employee engagement, and overall business growth.


⭐  Tax Exemption Benefits for Employers

Discover how leveraging tax exemption benefits can enhance your employer's financial situation and allow you to offer competitive compensation packages. Gain an overview of applicable tax incentives and exemptions available for SMEs, showcasing how you can maximize these opportunities to attract and retain top talent while managing your budget effectively.


⭐  Leveraging HR Technologies for Talent Acquisition and Retention

Explore the role of HR technologies in enhancing talent acquisition and retention efforts for SMEs. Gain insights into innovative tools such as applicant tracking systems, employee engagement platforms, and performance management tools. Learn how these technologies can streamline recruitment processes, improve employee satisfaction, and foster long-term talent retention. Evaluate different HR technology options and considerations for SMEs to make informed decisions that align with their budget and organizational needs.

Meet Our Stellar Speakers

Speaker_Mr Ng
Alliance Bank

Trade Sales of Alliance Bank

Ng Eng Boon has been working in the banking industry for over a decade, specializing in trade finance.
Throughout his career, he has gained extensive knowledge and experience in various aspects of trade. Over the years, he has worked closely with businesses of all sizes, assisting them in navigating the complexities of global trade.
His role has involved collaborating with clients to structure trade finance deals, providing expert advice on mitigating trade-related risks, and facilitating smooth transactions.
In addition to his trade expertise, he possess a solid understanding of general banking operations, including account management, financial analysis and customer service.
Speaker_Mr Beh
Alliance Bank

Vice President of Strategic Alliance and Partnerships at Alliance Bank

Over 15 years of industry experience. In his current role, he focuses on building strong partnerships to create value for SME and Commercial clients. He has a remarkable ability to forge collaborative relationships and identify growth opportunities.

Speaker_Usha Devi v BG1
PeopleBiz Consulting

Managing Consultant of PeopleBiz Consulting

Usha is a seasoned human resource practitioner, having managed the full spectrum of HR from hire-to-retire. She had worked in leadership roles with Ramsay Sime Darby Health Care, Goodyear Tire, Nippon Sheet Glass, Avery Dennison Materials and Texchem Corporation. On top of that, Usha  had supported these organizations regionally, namely Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand. 

Usha believes in sharing her experiences and is an active speaker in the fields of human capital, diversity & inclusion, leadership, organisation culture and women-in-leadership. As an experienced human resource leader, Usha has been called to be on the panel of judges for HR Excellence Awards by Human Resources Online for 2018 and 2020 respectively. 

Usha is currently the Managing Consultant of PeopleBiz Consulting, where she provides consulting expertise to transform organisation culture, improve leadership competence, manage performance, improve rewards policies and enhance workforce capabilities. She is a registered trainer with HRDC and is a Certified Practitioner of the Six ‘I’s® of Innovation.

Speaker_Mr Lam_center
Cheng n Co

COO & Tax Managing Director, Cheng & Co Group


  • 20+ years’ tax experience
  • Expert on Malaysian Taxation System.
  • Leading our team consulting clients on various assignments, including:
    • Transfer pricing
    • Organization restructuring
    • Tax incentives
    • M&A
    • Tax audits
    • Tax investigation cases
Speaker_Mr Victor – 1

Co-founder, Digital Business Director at WorkSmartly Digital Sdn Bhd

Victor Phang is the Digital Business Director and co-founder of WorkSmartly Pte Ltd. He has won various awards for his entrepreneurship, including the Asia Pacific International Honesty Enterprise Award and Asia Pacific Top Emerging Entrepreneurs Award in 2011. Prior to this, Victor worked in Product and Marketing Management roles at Panasonic and Samsung Malaysia, receiving awards for his contributions. As Director of WorkSmartly, he collaborates with colleagues to drive the company's success.

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