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Do you think your employees are aligned with your corporate culture? Do you agree that your management is listening or paying attention to your employees?

Corporate Culture VS Employee Experience

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Corporate Culture VS Employee Experience



14 Oct 2022, Friday
10:30am - 12:00pm


HR practitioners / representatives & HR advisors


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Join us on October 14, Friday at 10:30am

Join us at the arena for a one of a kind battle on how company culture can make or break your employee experience.

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Two sides of the coin?

Find out if they are really the same thing, or even unrelated in theory and practice.

Group 4021-2

Corporate culture own employee experience?

Deliberate on these 2 critical HR areas to create an effective strategy to work collaboratively.

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Win-win situation

Gain stakeholders' trust and confidence to increase productivity so that everyone wins!

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Build a good tag-team

Understand the importance of combining corporate culture and employee experience.

Many more!

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Choose your team, which team you would like to support! See you on the arena.

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Know more about your presenters

Mr Zohrab

Mr. Zohrab Chong

Founder & Chief Enabling Officer
Enablerz Consulting & Solutions

An energetic and engaging facilitator with more than 20 years of experience in delivering various technical and soft skills related programmes. He has various exposure on people development, process and customer excellence. His passion is to enable business transformation through the development of its primary asset - the People!

Mr. Rama

Mr. Ramachandran

Chief Executive Officer
KURUP HR Consult Holdings

Mr. Rama’s diverse background and versatility as a human resources practitioner and trainer in Malaysia over the span of 35 years. He has immersed himself in all aspects of the human resource, industrial relations and training and development field. Mr. Rama’s experience has accorded him with a sense of appreciation for the impact HR initiatives have on organisation and cost effectiveness as well as the need for simplicity to ensure results.

Mr. Santha

Mr. Santhakumaran

CX Expert Asia

Mr. Santha leverages nearly 2 decades of experience in managing businesses, customer experience, sales & marketing, customer service and building great working teams by cultivating a healthy work experience. His ability to enlighten people in employee and customer experience has made him a good sort after consultant in the region.
Santha has conducted training programs, consulting and coaching, where he designed, developed as well as conducted learning programs for thousands of executives in numerous multinationals and government-linked companies (GLCs).

Ms. Shainaz

Ms. Nur Shainaz

Messrs Choo Dee Wei

Ms. Shainaz was involved in the Stay at Home Talk on 101 Employment Law during COVID-19 season. She strongly believes in, and advocates for Workplace Equality and Gender Equality. Her passion in assisting women to achieve equal rights as men, led to her participation in the Women and Law Talk, a forum discussing the obstacles female lawyers face such as sexual harassment in office, the family expectations of a female lawyer and equal pay.


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