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Employment Act 1955 Amendments - Countdown with WorkSmartly!

Learn the key amendments of Employment Act 1955 with WorkSmartly Workbinar Series.


EA 1955 Amendments Countdown

A Workbinar series of "Employment Act 1955 Amendments - Countdown with WorkSmartly!"

We will deep dive into the latest amendments in Employment Act 1955 and discuss how these may impact your organization. Here is the timeline & topics of the Workbinar series.

Friday, 3PM

✅ COMPLETED | 22 July, Episode #1 - Wages & Working Hours

✅ COMPLETED | 05 Aug, Episode #2 - Maternity, Paternity & Sick Leave

🎥 12 Aug, Episode #3 - Flexible Working Arrangement

🎥 19 Aug, Episode #4 - Sexual Harassment & Discrimination

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Employment Act 1955 Amendments - Countdown with WorkSmartly!



22 July 2022,
05 Aug 2022,
12 Aug 2022,
19 Aug 2022,
Friday 3:00PM


HR practitioners / representatives & HR advisors


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Group 4023-2

Episode #1

Learn more on the requirements as well as related calculations on wages and what is new with the working hours.


Episode #2

Be updated with the revision on Maternity, Paternity Leave and Sick Leave.


Episode #3

Prepare yourself (as an employer) to deal with request for Flexible Working Arrangement (FWA) from employees.


Episode #4

Lead the awareness and prevention on Sexual Harassment and Discrimination at your workplace.

Many more!

Episode 1 | REPLAY

Wages & Working Hours

Workbinar REPLAY is available now; you are welcome to watch it whenever you like.

Episode 2 | REPLAY

Maternity, Paternity, Sick & Hospitalization Leave

Workbinar REPLAY is available now; you are welcome to watch it whenever you like.


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