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Best Solutions for Real-life HR Issues with Right Documents

Be prepared to handle various HR situations with the right documents with advice from Mr. Heera Singh.

Heera Singh

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As the saying goes,

"The challenge of being an HR is that sometimes you have to be the LAWYER, the JUDGE and the HANGMAN"

In this Workbinar, we will look at how best to manage HR-related problems, that are common occurrence in the daily operations of any organisation. HR and Line Managers are often at a loss as to:

🟢 The appropriate HR action to be taken.
🟢 The manner in which to execute action through proper HR documentation.
🟢 Ensuring that the relevant employment laws are adhered to.

Learn more about 400+ practical HR documents and tips for dealing with common HR issues.


Best Solutions for Real-life HR Issues with Right Documents



14 June 2022, Tuesday
2:30PM - 3:30PM


HR practitioners / representatives & HR advisors


Live Stream,
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Join us on June 14, Tuesday at 2:30pm

You will get insights and inspirations from an HR Documentation Expert, Mr. Heera Singh.

Group 4023-2

HR Topics & Documentation

Learn more about handling tricky HR situation and important documents, including COVID-19 related.


Save Cost & Time

Hundreds of HR templates and samples to reduce valuable time and effort.

Group 4024-2

Advice & Guidance

Know the appropriate HR actions to be taken and the manner to execute them.

Group 4022-2

Updates & Upskilling

Be familiar on how to deal with circumstances and scenarios that complies with employment laws and legislation.

Many more!

Know more about your presenters

Heera Singh

Mr. Heera Singh

Motivational Speaker, Author, Leadership & Presentation Skills Specialist

Mr. Heera Singh is a highly qualified HR and Training consultant with over 25 years of experience in conducting leadership-oriented courses covering areas such as leadership skills, motivation, team-building and managerial skills in the ASEAN region.

Apart from being an excellent and lively presenter/speaker, Mr Heera is a prolific writer and has contributed various management articles for the mainstream media such as the New Strait Times, the Star and the Edge. He is the writer of two best-selling books.

He has recently published 1st and 2nd edition of his books entitled 'Human Resource Documentation' which is a reference book for all HR documentation aspects.

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