Attendance & Schedule Planning

Attendance tracking system & shift management that unlocks productivity.

Give employees the tools that work for them.

To function at their best, your people need a system that delivers all the functions they need. With WorkSmartly, you can provide exactly that.

Accurate timesheets and easy clock-in.

Your employees will have access to WorkSmartly Q-Series Digital HR system, which comes with a mobile application for faster action to clock-in/out in attendance system "anytime anywhere".

Workforce Dashboard

Holistic view of your entire workforce to plan, manage and mobilize your employees to meet your business needs with the WorkSmartly attendance management system. Easily identify the availability of employees to transfer from one location to another, - all managed in one system.

Optimize scheduling
for people and your business.

Meet your employees where they are while balancing the needs of your business. Our intelligent scheduling system offers shift automation, flexible, personalised experience and built-in self-service features.

Contact our Digital HR Consultant

Learn about WorkSmartly Q-Series to support your business operations. Our experts will advise you on the best solutions to manage your workflows and processes, even remotely.